Barcelona fires entire media department due to financial problems Bet on Sports
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Barcelona fires entire media department due to financial problems

Barcelona fires entire media department due to financial problems

FC Barcelona are disbanding their television station Barça TV, laying off 150 people, in the process. The chairman of the works council confirmed this Friday night. The reason for this are the emergency cutbacks the club have to make. Barcelona say they have no choice but to disband the television station.

The club say tjey have been forced to cut their budget because of the corruption case in which the Catalans have become embroiled. Referee boss José Negreiro received more than six million euros from the club, officially for 621 reports and 43 CDs. Earlier, however, it emerged that referees were spawned with strange gifts. If Barcelona did not make cuts, it would no longer meet the funding requirements set by the Spanish Football Federation for all clubs playing in the top league.

So Barça TV are now a victim of the financial situation in which the club find themselves. The channel has existed for almost 30 years now, but at the end of June the plug will be pulled, Ernest Mendéz, president of the works council confirms. 'We didn't expect it. We knew that this option was on the table, but we always felt that the idea at the club was to continue with it. The reality is that Barça TV is getting canceled.'

With the closure of the television station, 150 people will lose their job, making significant cuts to the workforce. FC Barcelona informed the production company involved in the station, TBSC Barcelona Productions about the decision. Mendéz explains why the decision was made. 'The club has informed TBSC that it will stop buying services from TBSC as of June 30, adding that it will close the station for financial reasons. The decision was made by the club, by no one else.'

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