Red Bull doesn't just have great DRS: 'Lots of things we don't know about' Sportnews

Red Bull doesn't just have great DRS: 'Lots of things we don't know about'

Red Bull doesn't just have great DRS: 'Lots of things we don't know about'

The teams in Formula 1 know that Red Bull Racing do not get their advantage solely from the car's excellent DRS. The question, however, is how the Austrian racing stable managed to find so much performance on the straights and in the corners. Among competitors, one notices that Red Bull understood the car from the beginning. This will also give the reigning constructors' champion a big advantage in the coming years.

Red Bull have a big advantage over the other teams on the straights. Part of this advantage is due to the excellent DRS, but that is not what the competition is looking at. 'There is a lot of talk about it, but if you dive into the data you see something else,' Matt Harman, Alpine's technical director, is quoted by 'In my opinion they are generally already just very fast on the straights. So DRS is not something we put a lot of time and energy into, trying to understand the details.'

Currently, the RB19 is the dominant car in Formula 1, making the other teams pay very close attention to what is happening at Red Bull. For now, the Austrian racing stable's secret is yet to be discovered. 'There are probably some things we don't know about, because there are also things we have but they don't. But it's impressive that they can make the car perform like that. That's definitely an inspiration to all of us. So we're all moving in that direction.'

'Red Bull knows exactly where their car is'

Red Bull's dominance is causing headaches for the competition. In fact, some competitors do not yet know why their own car is not working, so in this Red Bull have a big advantage. 'It is about how everything works together with your floor, your rear wing and different parts of the car,' Juan Molina, head of aerodynamics at Haas, points out. 'The platform, the link between aerodynamics and how the car stands on the asphalt is important. Red Bull know exactly where their car is and how they want to position it. And that becomes more and more important as regulations evolve.'

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